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Universal Keygen Generator Full Version Free Download

Universal Keygen Generator free version for you. Utility software has made life easier. No longer would a user have to sort through cumbersome and tedious things to perform a task efficiently. The impact of software is evident in the boom in opportunities seem in the software development sector. A majority of the utility software and services are now available on a subscription basis. The subscription is available for a fee. Upon payment of the fee, the user is provided with an activation key that can be used to unlock the services.

Universal Keygen Generator Latest Full Version Free Download

Recently, software like the Universal Keygen Generator has found a way around the activation key requirement. Based on keygen, the software can be used to generate keys that can be used to activate freeware applications for future use. The most important thing to consider is that the keygen generates software for free to activate applications that have a hefty subscription fee. Complete services of expensive utility applications are now available free with software like the Universal Keygen Generator. This software is of great importance to businesspersons, students, and other small organizations and firms that utilize software applications to the full. For this reason, restricting themselves from accessing a particular service would be limiting their potential for growth. The generated codes activate the application for a full complete version valid for a lifetime.

The best part of the software is that generating relevant codes is a hassle-free experience. In a few minutes, the user has the activation key for all software applications that they use. As a user, dependence on the limited free version of the application is no longer needed. The latest updates in the keygen software make it a faster and efficient tool. The entirety of the process is free of any Trojan threats. The keys of the software are unique and are updated from relevant servers every day with over two to three million in activation keys available for activating applications.

Universal Keygen Generator Latest Full Version Free Download

Main Features

  • The software is open for the public to use on several downloading platforms for no charges
  • There is no necessity to register to download the keygen generating software
  • User-friendly interface for ease of control
  • Redesigned user interface to improve user accessibility
  • Offers serial keys for activating premium and applications that have a free trial
  • Serial keys generated are unique and work with most applications
  • Layout of the software options is simple and promotes ease of use
  • Dedicated search engine to look for serial keys for downloaded applications
  • Once downloaded, it does not require a connection to the internet to work
  • Alphabetical arrangement of serial keys particular to the software
  • An extensive database of over 3 million keys updated every day over consistently updated servers

System Requirements:

  • 32-bit versions of the operating systems running Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012
  • Updated to the latest service pack of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7, and 8
  • Active Internet Connection

What’s New:

  • Addition of new set of serial keys
  • Supported software lineup revised, new additional software available on the list
  • Bug fixes and improvements to the interface
  • Support for Windows 10 in development, beta version released
  • Macintosh OS support currently in the works

Main Pros and Cons


  • As the software downloads a set of serial keys upon establishing a connection to the internet, the software is able to activate products using unique serial keys downloaded for offline use.
  • Completely free software for both download and use without having to register, it is extremely useful for students. Students can utilize the software on the system without having to worry about purchasing it or having to use it with limited use.


  • Even with all the utility, the software lags occasionally when searching for serial keys. This forces the software to crash and require restarting.
  • The serial keys generated for the supported applications have certain restrictions. For example, the software should be disconnected from the internet once activated using the serial keys.

How to generate keys:

  • Launch the Universal Keygen Generator application.
  • It will open a small window with a list of supported applications.
  • Pick the software you want the serial key generated for and click on next.
  • To generate the key, click on the Generate button, the activation key will be displayed in the results window in a few minutes.

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