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Sumatra PDF crack serial key full download

Operating in the information age, students, employees and businessmen alike deal with different kinds of documents and files for all sorts of purposes. One of the most common file formats in circulation on the Internet is PDF. These files are series of images similar to how the pages of books appear. This file type is convenient for easy dissemination of information and of various texts and images.

Sumatra PDF 3.1.2 is a free multi-purpose viewer. It is a lightweight tool used to open most file formats ranging from PDF, XPS, CHM, CBR and CBZ (comic book formats), Mobi and ePub (eBook formats), DjVu and more. An effective edge against its counterparts is the application is designed to be as portable as possible. It is relatively smaller than its more popular counterparts in the market. Although lighter and takes less to no time at all to launch in the system, this does not necessarily limit the capabilities of the program. It is a powerful alternative for some, if not all of its free-for-use competitor software, capable of basic PDF tasks and operations such as viewing, printing and the like. Its user-friendly interface offers users easy access to the necessary commands and settings for its operation. The simplistic design enables comfortable navigation with the program. Focusing on the basic necessity tasks, it does not come with additional features that slow down its primary executions. Drag and drop options in menus add convenience to working with the program.

Key Features

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP operating systems compatibility
  • Intensive customization of keyboard shortcuts and application settings
  • Portable stand-alone program accessible for launch via flash drives
  • PDF viewer Plugin support for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera web browsers
  • Multiple viewing mode capabilities (presentation, book, full screen, facing etc.)
  • Over 69 in-application interface language translations available
  • Comprehensive Search function within the document
  • Printing option availability
  • Support for command-line arguments
  • User-intuitive and minimalistic user-interface

Main Pros and Cons


  • Portable design enables use on-the-go without the need for installation and launching procedures
  • A user interface is friendly and easy to navigate for users. Also allows emphasis on the document itself rather than the program’s menus
  • Being lightweight, the application only uses a minimal portion of your system’s resources


  • The program does not support file editing, PDF conversion creation.
  • It does not have online support

Most Common Users:

Users who are struggling to run resource-heavy applications in their current systems for viewing PDFs and those who are required by their professions to be always mobile would welcome Sumatra PDF 3.1.1 in their toolset. The application is specifically designed considering overall user-experience, giving those with the minimal technical knowledge to easily access the different functions within the program.

Author Note:

Overall, Sumatra PDF 3.1.2 is a powerful and compact program for PDF reading purposes all the while being portable and easy-to-use. A basic, minimalistic interface focusing on form and function a for a wide range of tasks makes the application a must-have in every computer system, so don’t miss out on the good stuff.