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Have your eyes ever get tired of reading books and you wish someone could just read it out loud for you? Have you ever studied a new language on your own but have not made great progress regarding listening and speaking and you wish someone could just read the text out loud for you to practice and follow? If you are the teacher for the special kids, would you want something that can help students with dyslexia, reading challenges or visual impairments?

Why Natural Reader 15?

Here is exactly what you need: Natural Reader 15 Key. To put it simply, it is a software that can convert text into speech. With this software, you can listen to e-books from Amazon, e-textbooks distributed by the school, PDF files downloaded from the internet, and even the printed books! You can listen to it whenever and wherever you want! It has over 50 voices and more than 11 languages, with which you can create your customized dialogue material for language learning or teaching purpose. For English learners, it has included both British and American English voices. Also, for all languages, you can choose the speed that you find the most comfortable. You can also save the speech as an mp3 file and take it everywhere with you.

NaturalReader Crack Activation Key 2023

Key Features:

  • Small size
  • Text to speech
  • Text to audio files
  • Printed files to speech or audio files
  • PDF or any e-books material to speech or audio files
  • Listen to web page
  • Adjust the speed
  • Change the speaker
  • Check the spelling
  • Control the conversation
  • Sync with iOS and Android Applications
  • Support both iOS and Windows operating system
  • Edit the pronunciation (e.g. make “tar” to be read as “tomorrow”)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Typing echo
  • Predict the word
  • Professional 24/7 in-software help

Main Pros and Cons:


  • Natural Reader 13would make the work of proofreading easier and more efficient
  • This software would be quite helpful for the students who are receiving special education
  • There is a 24/7 support team standing by


  • While there is a free version, to have access to all the features, a full version has to be purchased
  • Some voices only support the Windows operating system
  • Under some rare occasions, the software might crash

Most common users:

Anyone with a need to convert text into speech or audio files can use Natural Reader. It is particularly useful for students who have to read tons of articles as well as textbooks but are aware of the negative influences brought by being sedentary or are fans of working out. They can listen to articles and textbooks while walking, running and exercising. As for those who teach themselves a new language, this software could be a quite good choice. With the various voices of languages provided (e.g. Spanish, French and Chinese), the learners can create their very own customized listening materials.

Author Note:

With the increasing globalization, it is entirely necessary to master a new language. Instead of paying for the class, you can only study your preferred language at home with Natural Reader 15!