Google Chrome Portable Latest Full Version For Windows

By | March 18, 2019

Google Chrome Portable Latest Version

Google Chrome Portable Latest Version For Windows

Google Chrome Portable for Windows XP, 7,8, 8.1. These days, we use the Internet more than ever before. People all over the world use their devices to enhance their work lives, organize their personal schedules with ease, socialize with people no matter of their location and much more. But no matter the reason, there is one thing that combines us all and that is browsing the Internet.

One might say that this is the most mundane use of the Internet and that it is something necessary and regular, but it all depends on the browser you are using. You can find hundreds of programs on the Internet – both paid and for free – that will let you access the World Wide Web quickly but it is important to note that not all of those are efficient enough, fast enough or good enough.

Why Chrome Portable?

But there is one browser that since its launch has been an all-time favorite for people all over the world and that is Google Chrome. I guess that this comes as no surprise, because the developers from Google Chrome Portable have always been the best in whatever field they get into, and there is no exception with their browser.

Google Chrome Portable Latest Version For Windows

Key Features Portable Google Chrome 

  • Since its launch about 10 years ago, Google Chrome has become the most used browser in the world just 4 years after its release.
  • The browser is constantly developed and enhanced and with every new version, various improvements and features are made.
  • It has an extremely simple interface that can be used by both more advanced users and novices.
  • The speed of the browser is the area with the most investments made, and that is true for both the loading time of pages and the launch of the browser itself.
  • Because of its simple UI, navigation through pages and searching happens with the speed of light, and this is probably why Google Chrome is the most used browser in the gaming fields.
  • The UI is very minimalistic as the developers have tried to exclude or trim down all unnecessary features as the toolbar space.
  • The Incognito Mode of the browser allows users to browse the Internet privately without leaving any trace of the pages visited.
  • Also, Google Chrome supports full customization of the core privacy preferences regarding browsing.
  • The browser has very high security. It will warn you if you try to open a site that has malicious activity in it, and it will also prevent malwares from being automatically installed on your device.
  • The ability of customization of the browsing experience is what makes Google Chrome unique in its kind. You can install various apps, themes or extensions from the Google Chrome Store.
  • Also, all Google tools can be accessed with a single login.
  • The program supports a standard installation.

portable Google Chrome by Google is a free web browser. With its simple design and advanced features, Chrome quickly becomes one of the very popular web browsers around the globe. Based on the open-source Chromium project. Google released Chrome in 2008 and introduces several versions a year, and each new version comes with a lot of new features. The Google Chrome browser uses a sandboxing-based approach to internet security. Each open website runs as its process, which avoids malicious code on one page from affecting others. The browser also maintains Web tests such as HTML5 and CSS.

Main Features & Advantages of Google Chrome portable

  • Speed: Because Google developed Chrome with keeping web applications in mind, doing with websites like Gmail and Facebook is enough fast and reliable.
  • Security: Chrome has a variety of tools to help keep you safe online. It is constantly updating, so you aren’t always protected from the latest malware and scam scams. For example, Stainless will show you a warning when you visit a page that is probably dangerous.
  • Translation: Any time you visit a site that’s in a foreign language, Chrome will automatically offer to change the page to your required language.
  • The very best extension support: Your extension connected to your Google accounts. So if you download and install a fresh version of Chrome on your devices, when you sign into your Google account in Chrome on another platform, Chrome will download and install those add-ons or updates itself.
  • Voice search: Whenever you go to in the Chrome browser, the search field has a microphone icon in it. Click it to search utilizing your words, if your computer comes with an enabled microphone. For most people, this is much faster than typing a search query.


  • Memory space use could be better: It’s not unusual for Chrome to use over a gigabyte of RAM, even when you have merely a few tabs open up that are more or less static.
  • Chrome does not tend to scale down its use on devices that contain limited amounts of RAM.

Installation Guide for Google Chrome free download

  • Using your current internet browser, navigate to
  • On the Google Chrome download page, you can find and select the Download now button.
  • A dialogue box will appear. Assessment the Google Chrome Conditions of Service, then click Accept and Install.
  • The Google Chrome Installer will appear automatically. The downloading and Installer wizard launching process varies depending on your current web browser and OS.
  • Step-by-step instructions will be in the internet browser window if you are not sure the way to turn.
  • The installation wizard will close when completed, and Google-chrome will available.

Supported OS:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

Author Note: Without a doubt, Portable Chrome is one of the best browsers you can find on the Internet. It combines fast loading with various extensions and useful features that will make even the most boring browsing into a fun experience.