Commview For Wifi Crack Keygen Full Version

By | February 7, 2019

Commview For Wifi Crack Full Version

Commview For Wifi Crack Keygen Full Version

One of the most powerful keepers who were mainly created for the 802.11 a/b/g/n/AC networks in wireless networking is the Commview for Wifi crack. The main reason behind this success are the user-friendly features, which help understand the technical performances, and you can work with it in a more comfortable manner.

This program understands the network traffic and responds to it in the most effective way, so the user can identify the issues on the network and respond to it precisely for both software and hardware troubleshooting tasks. Every single discovered packet is displayed in the most calculative manner which makes the user see the structure of the issue according to the 100 supported protocols in it.

Every packet is decoded to lower layers in WPA/WPA2-PSK or the WEP keys and with a custom, decoding module to go through with the most attractive open interface as well. Commview for Wifi provides a state of the art VoIP module which provides the user the core analysis and plays back H.323 and SIP voice communications in an effective manner.

With the user-friendly concept, within just a few steps the user can experience the TCP part until the point where the data gets exchanged at the application level. This is the main reason Commview for Wifi is used by many Governments, businesses and also in the educational and academic areas. The new updated version available is 7.1 which is updated with the bug fixes and other unspecified data updates.

Commview For Wifi Crack Keygen Full Version

Key Features Of Commview For Wifi Crack

The below mentioned are the key features of the Commview for Wifi program.

  • User-friendly alarms and packet filters from the list of filters,
  • Two stream constructions such as UDP and TCP.
  • Very effective packet to application module
  • Detailed and precise IP connection lists.
  • Multiple capturing of channels using many USB adapters.
  • Decryption of WEP and WPA2-PSK.
  • Several protocols which include distributed, utilization of bandwidth and network nodes tables and chart.
  • Reporting the data collected.
  • Log file export and import capturing

Main Pros and Cons:


  • Blocking the MAC address of every system from the unwanted hackers is done easily.
  • Getting interfered with the wireless encryption
  • Identifying hidden Wifi or any wireless networks.


  • Few channels are not descriptive though there are few remedies for it.
  • There is no direct transition of audio files from the VoIP.
  • The two different license types differentiate the products available with it.

Most common users:

Some of the common users are extensively in the corporate business sector, Governmental agencies for the prevention of hackers to the Government wireless hackers and in the recent years many of the college universities have started using Commview for Wifi, pretty much to detect unwanted hackers and block them.

Author Note:

If you are sick and tired of dealing with hackers and still haven’t found an effective way to keep them away, it might be time to look at the currently most popular and known solution Commview. Many have found it incredibly useful, so why not give it a try yourself.