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Wifikill Pro Apk Overview

Wifikill Pro Apk for Android. People sometimes misuse the internet and also they can overload a Wi-Fi making its connection to the internet slow. It other instances someone can also connect to your Wi-Fi network and try to steal data from you. There is a new application that can solve the above issues very efficiently.

Wifikill Pro Apk Full Version For Android

The wifikill Pro app is easy to use application that allows you to control how and who uses Wi-Fi that you control. The application can speed up internet connections via Wi-Fi, and you will be able to do your work or even play games without constant interruptions from slow wifi connections.

You can also cut off a user in your cyber café or if you are an IT expert, from accessing the internet via Wi-Fi if they are misusing it. This can be very helpful especially at homes when the teenagers are surfing the internet, and you can curtail the web pages they can see by cutting off their Wi-Fi connections if they open such offensive websites. The best part of it is that it can be installed on a rooted Android device, and you can, therefore, have control of the Wifikill Pro Apk wherever you go.

Wifikill Pro Apk Full Version For Android

Key features Wifikill Pro Apk Full Version

  • The list of devices on the same Wi-Fi network that you are using is displayed.
  • The devices that WifiKill Apk grabs will show the data bytes they have used.
  • Every network activity that a device does can be monitored.
  • You can know the particular person using a network since all the names are displayed
  • You can switch off the network of any devices connected to the same wifi network.
  • It is compatible with Android Tablets too.
  • You can view what the device that you have grabbed is uploading or be downloading across the network.
  • It supports Android 4.0 and above only
  • Your Android device must be rooted first for it to work.

Main Pros and Cons

Its’ key benefits are;

  • It protects you from hackers who use your wifi network to get your information; it does so by you grabbing the device that’s monitoring you and cutting off its network.
  • It helps you manage the amount of time and Wi-Fi you use by setting up a timer that will switch off the Wi-Fi network once you are done.
  • It saves your device’s battery life when the self-timer switches off the Wi-Fi network

Its’ disadvantages are;

  • You must have a rooted device for it to function
  • It is illegal to use this application on public Wi-Fi networks
  • If the Wi-Fi network that you are using has heavy traffic, in this case, a huge number of devices using it, it will not work.

Most Common Users

This application can be used by parents at home who want to control what their children view over the internet, at the office by the manager to control what workers can view during working hours and anyone who wants to view what their friends do or to stop hackers from getting their personal information.

Authors Note:

This is the go to application if you want to control what your family, friends and even hackers view or download over the Wi-Fi network you are sharing.