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VMWARE WORKSTATION Pro 14 Crack For Windows

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VMWARE WORKSTATION Pro 14.1.1 crack is a company that specializes in virtualization and cloud networking solution; they might be known to the average users because their products are streamlined towards IT professionals like developers and testers. Anyone who is familiar with the term desktop virtualization could easily recognize the company because their product Vmware Workstation for windows is one the most used tools in the industry. Virtualization is a modern technology concept that revolutionized the information technology sector, but it is not restricted to the professional, normal people like us who could also benefit from virtualization. It enables us to run multiple operating systems on a computer; you could run Linux on Windows, without the need for disk partition or rebooting of the system. The possibilities are endless; now let us look at some features.

VMWARE WORKSTATION Pro 10 For Windows / Linux

Key Features Of VMWARE WORKSTATION Pro 14 full version

  • Create encrypted virtual machines
  • Virtual network editor mode
  • Option to share virtual machine
  • Ability to access virtual machine through cloud
  • More control over hardware allocation
  • Cross-platform support
  • Backward compatibility
  • KVM functionality
  • Superior performance
  • User-friendly polished interface

Main Pros and Cons:

  • Cloud support: Vmware offers options to share and access virtual machines through a cloud. This would help in group projects and testing software remotely through the cloud.
  • Better control over hardware: hardware customization is one of the key advantages of Vmware virtual machines. The resources can be limited to simulate more test conditions.
  • Tablet support: The new versions of the software support tablets, this enables developers to create virtual machines on tablet and test new upgrades.
  • Better performance than the competition: the more polished and stable VMware workstation can support up to 16 virtual cores, and this could increase the performance.
  • Option to create encrypted virtual machines which can host software testing more securely.
  • Cost: relative cost is very high compared to the competition. The company intends the software to be used by professional, and we guess that is why it carries such hefty price tag.
  • Lack of proper support: for a product that cost as much the workstation the customer support is poor. Other products like virtual box cost less but have better support infrastructure.
  • Steep learning curve: the initial learning curve is steep because the product is aimed for professional use.

Most common users:

Most people won’t be familiar with the term virtualization, and the ones who know might associate it with a professional tool. In reality, it is not a complicated tool, it is easy to use and offers greater flexibility to the professional user. From running multiple operating systems to testing risky or unstable software, the possibilities are endless. Most professionals would take advantage of this handy tool, but it wasn’t specifically designed for this group only.

Author Note:

Vmware have been working on virtualization for a long time, each new product from them carries their legacy and shows their expertise in the field. They were one of the first companies to venture out to the possibilities of virtualization which lead to great reforms in the IT sector.

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