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SpeedyPc Pro

We are in the age where malware, viruses and hackers are a constant threat to our Personal Computers. In addition to this, PCs’ can also be slow in starting up and running, which makes us get frustrated since it holds the running of our online lives at a standstill and this has become increasingly difficult to cope with this on a day to day basis.

SpeedyPc Pro

Different software have been developed to counter the above, but none has a better working capacity than SpeedyPc Pro. This is a revolutionary software linked to Microsoft and has advanced programmes that help with boosting the functioning of our Personal Computers.

Key features SpeedyPc Pro License Key

  • It cleans the PC of clutter and errors. These are derived from updating software’s, browsing the web or restart your computer by mistake and can slow down the PC, however, once they are cleaned, it functions faster.
  • There is a file manager tool that allows you to open different file types such as pdf, docs, and xls files. Most computers that are not programmed can not open these file types, but with this software, you can now view all these file types.
  • It boosts the performance of your computer by managing its resources. Resources that need to be managed include cache, bandwidth, networks, processor, graphics and sounds, primary and secondary memory.
  • The computer hardware is wired to load small amounts of system instructions, and that is why you require this software if you have a lot of system instructions that you feed into your computer.
  • It removes malware and unknown private files, therefore, protecting and improving the security of your PC. Malware is malicious or hostile software that intrudes your computers such as viruses, trojan horses, spyware, scareware, worms and a lot more that can cause your computer to breakdown if not removed.
  • It defragments and places all parts of a file in a contiguous area, therefore, making it faster to recall files that one wants to use at that moment.
  • It disables unwanted Browser Helper Objects so that your browsing speed increases and you enjoy a better browsing experience
  • It boosts privacy protection by cleaning confidential information once you log out or forget to log out, this helps in protecting private information from being used by hackers.
  • Shuts down unwanted processes that run without you noticing and also lets you decide which processes to launch when you log in.
  • Tackles errors and corruption in the Windows registry which if not solved are the main cause of error messages and instability in you Personal Computer. Some of the errors can cause Windows not to start and be so bad that you can lose all your data and have to reinstall or upgrade Windows before you can use your computer again.


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
  • Internet Connection
  • Free Hard disk space of 20Mb
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and XP
  • 32_bit and 64_bit operating system

Final Note:

Peak performance and excellent results are assured when you install and run this software on your PC, so SpeedyPC Pro always seems like a good idea.