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Proxy Switcher Pro Full Latest Lifetime Crack

Sometimes you need a little privacy when you are online. There are times when need to hide your real IP address. Reasons for wanting to remain anonymous might be because you want to remain hidden when you visit a particular website or your access to some entertainment and social networking sites have been blocked. The ideal solution for all of your secret browsing is to use Proxy Switcher Pro.

This program can be used to get through all sorts of boundaries forced by different sites. For example, if a download site limits the amount of downloads or a video site operates only in a particular region, very often Proxy Switcher Pro can solve the problem. Additionally, there is no more need to alter your proxy settings manually. This program offers an easier and faster way to change them.

Key Features

  • As soon as you download Proxy Switcher Pro, you automatically get proxy switching ability and improved secret surfing.
  • You will have the capacity to manage scanner speed depending on your connection speed.
  • With the pro version, there are no banners.
  • You are given the ability to remain anonymous on any website that you visit.
  • The program quickly penetrates blocks and bans on forums including classifieds and download sites like Rapidshare and so on.
  • Proxy Switcher Pro makes it incredibly simple to alter proxy settings on the quickly.
  • You can use the program to analyze search engine results from other countries.
  • It is completely compatible with search engines such as Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and many other programs.
  • There is complete support for password secured servers.
  • Proxy Switcher Pro offers total support forElite and Socks v5 servers.
  • With the program, you can quickly add folders or subfolders.
  • You can add your proxy lists.
  • The program is offered for free, so it is a real win-win combination.

Author Note: Lock the doors, check the windows, make sure that there is nobody approaching, find a good spot, make sure there are no holes in the wall behind you… that’s a lot of work for a single person, don’t you think? And on top of what – what if you forget your browsing history – well, Proxy will take care of that for you.