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IDM CC Firefox

IDM CC For Firefox 43, 49, 50, Updated 51 beta

Mozilla Firefox’s versatile list of add-ons is one of the many reasons why people choose the browser. The add-ons are very useful and do not deter the browsing experience as much as they do enhance it. IDM CC is one such add-on available on Mozilla Firefox. It is a manager tool that assists the user in downloads over the internet. Once downloaded, the add-on module has complete authority to integrate with the browser and detect files uploaded online for malware and downloads the safe, virus-free files in one-click. With the add-on, the entire process of downloading a file over the internet is much faster, safer, and more efficient. As it is an integrated initiative, the download manager handles all processes involved over the internet in an overwriting. This enables the manager to download the files without any limitations of the browser as files are downloaded at a faster pace, nearly 5 times as faster.

In the recent editions, Firefox itself has been updating its modules and the IDM CC upgrade is prompt to be suitable with the changing versions of Firefox. However, because of these updates, older versions of the manager no longer support download and are to be upgraded to full functionality. This is where the latest version on offer, version 43 comes in. The version number 43 supports the current versions of Firefox over multiple supported operating systems. The latest also features a much more convenient download popup that downloads videos hosted on video-hosting websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and facebook without the user having to go through much trouble. The add-on installation process takes no longer than two minutes as Firefox automatically adds it to the list of add-ons.

IDM CC For Firefox 43, 49, 50, Updated 51 beta

Supported File Types

  • The add-on supports download of all file types including audio files, video files, text files, application files, etc.

Main Features of idm cc

  • One-click download for files, music, videos directly from your browser
  • The software supports Firefox and other browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera
  • User-friendly open interface that enhances browsing experience
  • Faster download speed (5x)
  • Pause and Resume downloads as per user preferences
  • Extracts video links from URL for video download
  • 2-step add-on installation through a wizard.
  • Checks for Malware, Trojan virus before download
  • Support for Norton Antivirus and AVG Antivirus
  • Ability to schedule your download times
  • Integrated modules for Browser add-on
  • Advanced tools like Website spider
  • Available in different languages like Arabic, Chinese, French, etc.

Operating Systems:

  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions ofall editions of Windows OS from XP (SP1), Vista, Windows 7,to Windows 10
  • Apple’s Macintosh OS X 10 onwards

Installation Requirements:

  • Minimum requirement of Intel Pentium 4 chipset Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • Active Internet Connection
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser versions 51, 50, and 49

How to install and use:

  • Download the add-on application file.
  • A new dialog box will start the download. Once completed, the installation wizard will finish the installation.
  • Open Firefox and click on add-ons in settings, enable add-on for IDM CC 43 and you can now start using it.

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