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Firefox Offline Installer Full Version Download

Mozilla Firefox offline installer has been one of the most popular web browsers available. Owing to its popular demand, the web browser issues updates every year packing new features and a better user interface. Firefox’s superior features are only matched by its security protocol. The protocol has a firewall that restricts access to malicious web pages. Access to the internet via such websites is limited to avoid accidental download of Trojan viruses. To make access to websites more fruitful experience, the browser offers numerous add-ons that can customize your browsing experience. Coming to the interface, the browser has a de-cluttered design and the layout has been meticulously designed for ease of use. The best part is that you can customize it as per your needs and use the layout to complete your tasks.

Firefox Offline Installer For Windows Full Version Download

Apart from this, there are also a myriad of themes available to the user to customize their browser interface. For example, themes that feature animations for opening a new tab or a new window would be aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, a simplified version of a night theme is great on the eyes if you’re into avid late night browsing on the internet. Web developers love to work with the browser as it is capable of hosting the most advanced tools in Web developer tools. Ample resources to dwell into aspects of web page design and development are available through JavaScripts. You can directly export CSS of web elements or your website to add elements of secure browsing and safe online shopping to your website.

Firefox Offline Installer For Windows Full Version Download

Supported File Types

  • The software can be installed as a .exe application file and can be run using the same file extension, so it is very much user-friendly and anybody can handle the installation.

Main Features of Firefox Offline Installer For Windows

  • A graphical interface that is user-friendly
  • Easy install to Mozilla’s Latest versions
  • Direct installation to desired local disk
  • Automatic installation in system’s language with support for French, Chinese, German, etc.
  • Fast-paced, efficient browsing experience.
  • Secure browsing protocol for almost all websites
  • Option to open multiple different tabs that have an independent dedicated search and taskbar.
  • A variety of themes for the browser is available in the options section
  • Add-on library that has most popular add-ons available across platforms
  • Ad-block feature
  • Pop-up block feature
  • Password manager

Operating Systems:

  • Available on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP and higher

Installation Requirements:

  • A Pentium 4 or better processor equipped with SSE2 support
  • A minimum of 512 MB of free RAM for smooth operation
  • A wireless 802.11n,Ethernet, or Broadband connection is a must to access the internet
  • 200MB of space in the hard drive for both the installer as well as the browser.

How to install and use:

  • A PC Download will open the installation wizard. You may have to approve for permissions for both the installer and the browser
  • Finish all necessary requirements for the setup wizard and accept all terms and conditions
  • Once installed, Mozilla Firefox will open automatically and can also be accessed from the start menu – whichever way you prefer.