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EssentialPIM Pro 7.63

Management of information, be it at home or at the office, is an extremely crucial task. The information available to you is extensive demanding categorization, organization, and compartmentalization. EssentialPIM software is one software that can organize your personal information for you. It is a powerful information manager enables you to record and keep track of information like your contacts, your appointments, etc. It is ideal for managing information that is updated constantly, storing files of information in directories that are automatically synced to their servers. An individual’s information like email addresses, physical addresses, lists and notes are all stored in separate fields, which aggregate to files that are stored in a single directory.

EssentialPIM Pro 7 Key Crack Final Full Version

EssentialPIM pro 7.63 crack is available in three different retail versions, Free, Pro, and Network versions. The free version of the software has all fundamental features required for organizing. The other version of the program, the Network version, specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses, assists in sharing and storage of inter-departmental information in a business.

However, upgrading to the Pro version enables the user to access premium features that offer better privacy options, multiple user access, as well as the ability to create/modify sticky notes on the desktop. The software is mobile friendly, with synchronizing options available for Windows Mobile, with additional support to Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. The information stored is backed up to a dedicated, secure server instantly.

Key Features Of EssentialPIM Pro 7.63

  • Synchronization of Information to Android and Apple Devices
  • Storage of Information through Cloud Service (EPIM Cloud)
  • Strong Encryption of Data files using gold standard AES 256-bit key for Data Security
  • Ability to cross-link and tag information within EPIM
  • Protection of EPIM Cloud information using advanced SSL technology, usually found in online banking software.
  • Support for multiple languages like Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc.
  • Extensive list of supported Data import and exporting formats
  • Integrated Sticky Notes
  • The database can be accessed by multiple users
  • Modernized design for the user interface

Main Pros and Cons


  • The interface is user-friendly and non-rigid. As the user interface is flexible, novices and experts alike can use it, without any requirement for expertise.
  • The application works well as a Microsoft Outlook alternative with unique features and a more intricate user interface
  • An option to restore and use any information set that is deleted from the database through Trash.
  • The software is compatible with most mobile devices. This feature makes the data portable and easy to access while on the go.


  • The software lacks an independent email feature. This inhibits communication and sharing of information.
  • The Tool Tips offered along with the software are not very helpful as they lack substantial information.

Most Common Users: The software is ideal for business people who believe in centralization of their most important personal and professional information. By keeping their appointments and tasks in check, through the application’s organizer, business people would utilize the application to the maximum extent.

Author Note:

Every feature and detail offered in the EssentialPIM Personal Information Manager software is professional. The software covers all required fields from an ideal PIM software.