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Connectify Hotspot 2018 crack is an application that enables users to share all types of internet connections with others from their laptops, PCs, ereader, smartphones and tablets. This means that users can share once they are wired to Wi-fi connections. The 2016 connectify hotspot is the latest of the lightweight applications.

Connectify hotspot pro 2018 crack comes in the free and the paid versions. The paid versions are two, that is, Connectify Pro and Connect MAX. On the other hand, unlike other free hotspot software, the free version is packed with features one would ordinarily find in the paid versions. For instance, on the free version, users can not only share internet connection but can also share Ethernet connection. The limitations on the free versions would be that users cannot share 3G and 4G connections.

The software name as connectify Pro is designed to be compatible with the latest operating systems including Windows 7,8 and 10. The application is notably the only hotspot software’s in the world that is fully compatible with Windows 10 and the newer Wifi cards.  Users of windows10 will realize that the application will sync with their notification bars thus confirming that the application is fully compatible with Windows 10. It is developed by connectify, a brand that has been in the industry for over seven years. Connectify Hotspot prides of being the most popular software in the world as it has started over 2Billion hotspots.

Connectify Hotspot pro 2016 Full Review

Connectify Hotspot 2016 Crack + License Key Full Download

Connectify Hotspot 2016 Crack + License Key Full Download

How the application works

Connectify Hotspot gets rid of wired connections that are popular for sharing of internet connections. As a virtual hotspot, the application can be used on all the devices that are within the native internet connection range.

Once the application is installed and is ready to use, it automatically recognizes PCs, tablets, uses smartphones and co figures them automatically as a virtual  WIFI hotspot. Ideally, the app turnsuser’sinternet connection into a wifi zone. Noteworthy, there is no limitation to the number of devices that may share a connection.

To start a connection, users click on ‘Start Hotspot’ when prompted. Once connections are enabled, all the devices within the connection range are shown.  All the devices within the range receive a ‘Connectify me’ hotspot. Thereon, they should enter the hotspot’s password so to be able to connect.  Internet owners are able to monitor the speed and data usage of the various connections.

Primarily, the app is used to share the internet. However, it is an ideal tool that allows users to share files and folders. The free versions are limited to the quantity of data that may be shared. The paid versions, on the other hand, offer users an unlimited sharing of files.

With the application, users can also extend the range of their Wifi. This function is enabled by the Wifi repeater and bridging mode that is available on the App’ MAX version.

Rest assured, the application is incredibly safe to use.When installed, the application automatically generates a hotspot name and a password. However, for one to be able to customize their hotspot names, they must be in the paid versions.  These details may, however, be customized to users’ demands. Moreover, all connections are WPA2 encrypted.

The premium versions are more advanced than the free versions and include the ability to customize IP and DHCP controls.

 What’s new

Foremost, the 2016 connectify Hotspot version has fixed bugs that enhance the app’s stability. An example of a feature used includes fixing for a crash that is ideally a primary cause of the hotspot continuously restarting. The app has improved the stability and overall performance of the application.

Another new feature is the real time graphs function. With this feature, users can see at a glance the amount of data used by the devices connected to their internet network. This function comes in handy more so in a commercial setting as owners can easily monitor usage.

Another great improvement is about use. It is notable that the application now feels smooth and tabs are easy to navigate. More so,t he application is built with a user-friendly interface. Specific attention has been accorded to use by a touch screen. In this regard, the application has been developed to give touch screen users a Smooth feel.

Also, the app does not require lengthy procedures to begin. By default, the app will automatically launch when the device is turned on. More so, the app begins at the last stage the user left at.

The connectify Hotspot 2016 has now introduced the Hotspot Pro and the hotspot MAX that now makes it possible for users to share 3G and 4G networks.

Performing different commands is also incredibly easy. Sharing of files, for instance, is simply through the drag and drop function. In this regard, the application allows users to share internet, media, and files without an internet connection.

The ‘client tab’ function has also been significantly enhanced. From the ‘client tab’ tool, users can see the bandwidth of each connected devices and also see their upload and download speed. Other information showed include when the connected device was first connected and the length of time a device has been connected.

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