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Bus Simulator 16

For those who appreciate the adventure of driving simulators, Bus Simulator 16 is an application worth looking into. Players of this game get to choose from six life-like city buses, including two Lion’s City buses licensed by MAN.  Players can become a part of a colossal freely available world. In the game, players are in charge of transporting passengers to their destinations across five genuine city districts on time and safely. You can choose to operate a three-door, two-door, or real articulated bus through traveler traffic during rush hour. You must keep an eye out for emergency vehicles, and take bypasses around construction sites. If you’re not careful, you will get into trouble for traffic violations and accidents.

Bus Simulator 16 - Updated 3 Game For Windows

Players have to uphold order inside the bus by repairing stuck doors, calming distressed passengers, expand the incline for wheelchair passengers in a well-timed manner and sell tickets correctly.  To stick to your schedule, you will have to be proficient. If you are competent you will earn the trust of your passengers, build up your good character in the city, and most significantly, make money. The more superior your reputation is, the bigger the contracts you can garner. With better contracts, there is the availability of more buses to your company. More districts of the city can be unlocked, and players can cautiously about routes for the employees acquired in the included job exchange. Playing this simulator is a real-life challenge.

Bus Simulator 16 - Updated 3 Game For Windows

Key Features

  • Plan and drive your routes
  • Six realistic buses including three door buses, two door buses, and articulated buses
  • Five real districts that can be unlock one by one, for a vast open-world experience
  • A massive amount of vehicles and pedestrians with different behaviors
  • A life-like experience
  • A variety of challenging traffic situations
  • Unexpected situations such as particular requests from your passengers who continuously command your attention, and stuck doors.
  • Unlock more buses, districts, and missions
  • Manage your company
  • Hire drivers with various skills and characteristics and enhance your profit and your routes
  • Direct your bus business with friends in multi-player mode
  • Customize your buses
  • Customize your city to fit your unique tastes, get new buses, and incorporate them into the game
  • Support for popular gamepads and steering wheels
  • English voice over

Main Pros and Cons


  • The game is affordable.
  • Hours of fun can be experienced with the many features.
  • It feels very lifelike


  • The game still needs more optimization as there are a few bugs.

Most common users:

Game lovers who enjoy driving games and real-life simulations will go for Bus Simulator 16. It gives a sense of a real experience yet is enough to get away from the real world, thereby providing fun and relaxation. It will make you feel like a true driver, and you will still be in control of the situation.

Author Note: Bus Simulator 16 has a vast amount of features that ensure hours of fun that will provide you both relaxation and enjoyment. There is nothing complicated about getting started or playing the game.

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Bus Simulator 16
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