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Avast Passwords For PC 2018 Full Download

Avast Passwords For PC / Synchronizing Passwords 2016

Avast Passwords For PC is latest and best version for windows. is a new feature of Avast that comes as a free service to all Avast Antivirus 2016 users. Avast is the maker of world’s most popular desktop and mobile security products. Avast 2016 password free antivirus will help in reducing the complexity that comes to protecting private information like passwords and login details. The new program is a part of Avast password  and is automatically installed with it, that too without any cost.

This software stores all sensitive information securely and automatically generates strong passwords that users don’t have to remember. All that is required to remember is one main password in order to access all other passwords. It automatically imports passwords stored in the browser and helps in creating strong passwords. It also alarms its users if their private information is about to be stolen.

While the task of storing information can be done by other browsers also, it is not done in a secured manner and always has a possibility of getting hacked. However, by using this software any information stored on the browser can be imported quickly and can be stored with high-level security. It helps to manage password across all devices.

When a password is stored on any browser, they are stored along with the information required to decrypt them which makes them easy to be hacked. Avast Password stores password with a much more enhanced level of security. It protects the data with a unique password which is only known to the user so that the data remains safe from unauthorized access.

Avast Passwords For PC / Synchronizing Passwords 2016


  • It creates unique and strong passwords for every account.
  • It saves and stores all the login credentials at a secured place.
  • It stores debit/credit card information along with the personal and payment details safely in the browser.
  • It fills all the details on any form automatically.
  • It notifies if any of the passwords is leaked.
  • By connecting the devices through Avast Account, users can sync passwords across devices.
  • It helps us in saving time while logging into websites and accounts as the login credentials are taken on its own.
  • There is no need to memorize Avast Passwords For PC and write them in any unsecured places.
  • It always creates a feeling of security as all the passwords are strong and hard to break.
  • There is no need to make new login details every time when a sign up on a new site is done.
  • Its premium version includes SafeZone Browser that helps in conducting all online shopping, payment, and banking transactions in a protected way.
  • It is supported by many browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. On Android phones, Opera and Chrome are supported and on iPhones, Apple Safari is supported.
  • The premium version of the software provides various additional features like OneTouch Login and Password Guardian.
  • It is not currently supported by the Mac version.

Supported OS:

  • Windows XP, Vista
  • Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 (Any edition except RT)

Author Note:

Avast Passwords For PC / Android has a better interface than any other vendor in providing multilevel security. This is a convenient and secure password management service that supports both computer and mobile. However, development is required to make available FireFox for Android and to add a feature of password generation in the mobile app.

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