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Microsoft Office 2016 Product key + Crack iso full download

microsoft Office 2016 product key is the need for every computer system and every Desktop system is incomplete without Microsoft Office. There are different versions of MS Office, and recently Microsoft launched a newer version of Microsoft office 2017 crack. It has added a lot of new features that are not available in previous versions of Microsoft. This program also gives you easy access to your saved data. About one billion people are using this software to fill their needs correctly, and they are using it to meet their educational and business needs as well. The newer version comes with many advanced and new features and functions. It has improved tools and also added new tools. It has ultimately added a new look that user want exactly. Graphically User Interface is developed. Improves and new interface permits the user to use this application with ease.

Microsoft Office 2016 Product key Full Crack Free Latest Microsoft Office 2016 Crack with product key plays most important role in activation of the program. MS Office 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 are the older versions of Microsoft Office 2017. The Interface of Office 2016 and Office 2013 is same. But it has improved the tools, and there are few changes in it. New tools help a user to maintain your data quickly. MS Office 2016 Product Key has included up to date versions of MS PowerPoint, Outlook, Stand Out and also the moment that you open any of the applications, you will immediately have the difference between them. MS Office 2016 genuine product key will help you to activate and use this software for the lifetime. It’s auto saving feature saves your data automatically, and if your system shuts down suddenly then it automatically saves your data, and you can resume your work. Its tour feature allows you to take a tour of right software and new adjustments as well.

How it Works Perfectly:

  • Firstly download the application from the link below.
  • Then install full setup and agree on terms and conditions.
  • Then run the activator file.
  • Check mark The MS Office option.
  • Hit on activate.
  • Done and enjoy this latest version.

Microsoft Office 2016 latest with product key is here free download. There are many office version in the market but this is final and best product with most famous ideology.

What new in Microsoft Office 2016?

  • Video option.
  • Working on all Windows operating system.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Both level of work, offline and online.

How to activate office 2016 crack?

  • Install the Microsoft Office 2016
  • Download crack file form recommended link
  • Run it
  • Enjoy premium version of Office 2016 crack.

Microsoft Office 2016 Product key



Microsoft Office 2016 Crack ISO Full Version + Activator

Microsoft Office 2016 Crack Activator

Microsoft Office 2016 CRACK & Serial Keys FREE Download

Microsoft Office 2016 Crack Activator

Microsoft Office 2016 crack is the long-awaited solution for most users who are on a budget. Microsoft Office 2016 has been out for a while now. There are users who cannot purchase a working license for their Office 2016 installation. By using the Activator, users who do not want to spend a dime on their productivity software can access the full capabilities of their installed Office 2016.

Office 2016 crack full version is one of the most frequently downloaded tools in the market today. It is proven and tested by the users who have benefitted from using it in activating their software. More and more users trust the tool for its precise activation capabilities. The activator can be run on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 operating systems. It is fully compatible with these OS so you will not be having any trouble in launching the app to activate your Office Suite.

Microsoft Office 2016 Crack Activator

Technical Details

Here are the technical aspects of Office 2016 crack:

  • Installer size: Approximately 5 MB
  • Packaged as Compressed folder
  • Scanned and Secured from threats such as viruses and malware
  • The latest version will be affixed in the filename.

Key Features

The following are the key features of Office 2016 crack:

  • 100% guaranteed activation: Office 2016 Activator fully upgrades the trial version of your suite into the paid version. All features and capabilities of the various components of Office 2016 crack will be unlocked for you to use. You will also be allowed to update them regularly upon activation.
  • Activated for Life: Upon successful activation, your Office suite will be activated for life. You need not worry about any expiration or malfunction due to the Activator. This is guaranteed by the team of developers who brought you the app.
  • 100% Authenticity Preservation: With Office 2016 Activator, your productivity suite will never prompt you for problems and errors regarding its license ever again. All certificates and authentic licenses will be processed and preserved by the app completely. The app also makes sure that the activated suite will not be detected by the global server during updates or uploading/downloading.
  • Full Windows Support: Office 2016 Activator is fully compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 operating systems. It also works flawlessly on both 32-bit and 64-bit computer systems.
  • 100% Safe and Secure: The developers of the app fully tested the app from various virus and malware to ensure it is safe to launch and execute from any computer system.
  • 100% Free: By using the Activator, you are guaranteed not to spend even a dime in the process. This is also a promise to the user by the developers.

How to Use Activator

Follow the steps below to enjoy activated Microsoft Office 2016 crack in no time at all:

  1. If you don’t have an installation of Office 2016 yet, get an installer from any trustworthy source you can get your hands on.
  2. Run the downloaded file.
  3. Install Office 2016 using a trial account.
  4. Once installed, get a copy of the Office 2016 Activator.
  5. Run the app.
  6. After the process, your Office will be fully activated.

Confirm Status

To check whether your activation process is successful, there are a number of ways to do so. One of these procedures is shown below:

  1. After activation, run Microsoft Word 2016.
  2. In the window of Word 2016, navigate to File Menu.
  3. Click Account and then choose Product Information.
  4. If the phrase “Product Activated” is shown, the activation process is indeed successful.

So far, there were no cases wherein the phrase is not shown after running Microsoft Office 2016 crack, as long as the procedure is done properly. The test above is just to show the authentic activation results of the tool.

The Bottom Line

Microsoft Office 2016 full version with crack is the easiest and the simplest activation software that is free in the market. It has a simple interface that is easy to use. It performs its task well and to the letter. The activation process is clean and it preserves the authenticity of your product. This is a highly recommended tool in bypassing your license requirements for your productivity suite. Although you will only use this software once in your system, it will be a great help to you.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Crack Full Version Serial Key

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Crack Full Version Serial Key

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 crack Full Version

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 crack is an accessible software designed to edit digital photos, add effects, and make professional design and pictures, and also much more. Besides, users can create professional images with Adobe Photoshop with ease. It is advanced new tools makes it easy for users to make professional images by retouching pictures, masking unwanted elements and also building realistic portraits. Adobe Photoshop CC provides creative tools with a user-friendly interface also that it based on Adobe Mercury graphics that allows it is users to retouch pictures, merge images, add results, add colors, add settings and also build professional pictures and designs. Additionally, its direct download website link includes vector effects. On the other hand, users can create 3D Images projects with its advanced graphics editing tools.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Crack Full Version Serial Key

If perhaps you are a developer or image editor, are not necessarily familiar with this software. Yes, Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 is an image using software is most popular. Able to enhance your photos, change the background, add objects in the picture, transform images into cartoons and much further of course. Most users use Photoshop to control photos. There is a purpose how can this software can be considered a whole lot of users, the software program developed by Adobe does have a lot of features that are incredibly powerful.

Key Features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2017:

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Crack Full Version Serial Key

  • Advanced layer support.
  • Adobe technology Generator Support.
  • Area Blur is now up to 10X faster for 16-bit images.
  • Create new and edit your photographs background.
  • Present and promote your projects via social systems.
  • Now you may just click exterior a text box to commit text.
  • Save files in other computers by having a reliable cloud tool.
  • Meet Font improvements to include more results from regionally installed fonts.
  • Improved distinction in three lightest color themes under Preferences Software.
  • The level count feature now more accurately represents layer and group contents in the document.

How can you Download& InstallAdobe Photoshop CC 2017 Crack?

  • Firstly, click the immediate download link to download the setup.
  • After that, pick up which version you want to download (x86) or (x64).
  • Then only, start installing Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 on your Windows device (PC or Laptop).
  • More, Use the crack to activate the Adobe Photoshop.
  • Please also Read the instructions in the downloaded folder.
  • Enjoy using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Crack.

wondershare video converter ultimate Crack Torrent Free Download

wondershare video converter ultimate Crack Torrent Download

wondershare video converter ultimate Crack Torrent Download

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate crack Plus registration Code

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful tool which lets its users convert various video files into numerous different formats. It is also able to export the converted files onto specific devices. In the latest update, the coverage of supported mobile devices has been significantly increased.

wondershare video converter ultimate Crack Torrent Download

How Does It Work?

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate efficiently converts one file of a particular format into another.  But that’s not all: it is also able to download, play, create, edit and transfer all video file formats to and from any source among its supported platforms.

Here is how the application works:

  1. Launch Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.
  2. In the application window, load the video to be converted by browsing through the selection pane.
  3. Once the media is selected, the user can select among the different available output formats from the drop-down box. Users are given options for output formats that range from standard file types up to formats that are optimized for specific mobile devices and as well as media interface. The available output formats reach up to a total of 150 profiles.
  4. If you wish the output to be placed in a specific folder after the conversion, you can set it in the Output Folder option.
  5. Once the preferred format for the output file is selected, press the convert button to proceed with the video conversion. This process usually takes about 5 minutes in average, which also depends on the size of the input file.
  6. Once finished, the converted file will be found in the default location or the specified location in the drive by the user.

wondershare video converter ultimate Crack Torrent Download

Key Features

The following are some of the features and functions of the Video Converter:

  • Wondershare also incorporates its own downloader tool for YouTube videos. Just launch the mini-tool and paste the YouTube URL on to the specified field. This lets you download the video from the website safely. Once the download is complete, users are able to freely edit and convert the video.
  • The conversion tool is considerably easy to use. The needed settings and options are labelled clearly and are located where it can be navigated to easily. This lets users to proceed with their video conversion without having to intensively study the operation of the application.
  • It also enables users to share their videos wirelessly. When you have your video and you would want to transfer it to your mobile device, the application can transfer it via a WiFi connection. This is a convenient feature that is an added bonus in the application.
  • The Video Converter ensures that the quality of the input file is preserved onto the output video. This quality preservation made the application a winner of the prestigious Gold Award.
  • The application allows users to create CDs and DVDs from the converted media. This is helpful for those people who would want to keep physical copies of their electronic files for safe keeping. The bundle also comes with a simple video editor with the basic tools for trimming clips, quality adjustment, and adding watermarks and subtitles.
  • Wondershare is able to fill in the metadata of your videos from the Web. Metadata include details such as the cover art, writer, cast and cinematographer. Just input the name of the video and it will search the Web for the metadata.
  • Wondershare is also able to connect wirelessly to a gaming system, a set-top box and a compatible TV screen where you can stream your media flawlessly.

Customer Support

Although everything is easy to use and the interface is user intuitive, Wondershare also offers a reliable customer support. Aside from the application guide built-in the program/ the customer support can be reached through email, user forums and live chat support.

Quick Pros

  • Provides an all-in-one utility program for editing, disc burning, conversion, download and transfer for your video needs.
  • Everything is easily provided and placed strategically for efficient workflow.
  • Conversions are done faster than average video converters in the market.
  • Simple editing features are included to complete simple video tasks.

Quick Cons

  • Problems occur with using the Android app for video transfers.
  • The application is commercially available at 59.95 USD, which is considerably in the higher end of the market price, considering the features offered.

The Bottom Line

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a feature-packed utility which is a strong recommendation for media enthusiasts and professionals. The price can be justified if you specifically need the features offered by the application.

wondershare video converter ultimate registration code



Shareit Download For PC – Free For Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1

Shareit for PC is a name unfamiliar to many, but this is rapidly changing. With many hundred million downloads in many years, the application is developing in demand, and without any doubt, we can see why. In today’s world, media close around us. We both spend it and create it, processing a huge amount of information. The need to share and control these files is as extreme as ever nowadays, and Shareit has gone forward up to take up this mantle of responsibility. Naturally, there are dozens of other popular file sharing apps available, but few are free and feature-packed, Shareit for Windows 7 for apply that positive characteristics.

Shareit Download For PC - Free For Windows 7, 10, 8, 8.1

Shareit Download For PC

As long as you have a mobile device or computer, there is a valuable chance you will be able to make use of Share it and all of its advantages. Although Lenovo designed the program, it is not absolute to any unique brand or platform; ad boasts necessary system requirements that even make many old devices suitable. The number of users running the Share it on their mobile devices is large, but the same holds true for computers and especially those running Windows 7. This is a system that has rapidly replaced Windows XP and which remaining part the most outstanding and extensive choice between in users of this platform. Windows 7 is a powerful and frequently compatible system for Shareit.

shareit for windows 8

Shareit for PC is an app for sharing files any data; it may be images, videos, movies, etc. Shareit for windows 7 is developed by Lenovo, and this app is the better there is to share data very fast. It permits users to transfer files from one device to another. It also admits users to transfer files between Android and IOS, PC or MAC. This free app is accessible for almost all versions of PC, Windows, Android, etc. This is best than pervious technologies like USB, Bluetooth, etc. regarding speed. It just takes seconds to transfer any files.

Main Features Of shareit download for PC

Transfer big files and videos in seconds up to 40x fastest than Bluetooth.

Devices with Shareit can necessarily search each other when in range.

Even the app itself can be shared to other devices wirelessly, and rapid sharing can begin directly.

You can share everything like pictures, videos, music files, documents, and contacts.

Share without the need for Bluetooth, phone network or active Wi-Fi network; devices wirelessly link directly.

Supports group was sharing up to 5 devices at the same time. Instantly share a party video, music album or photo library to up to five friends at the same.

Remote presentation looks at, access to computer files and folders.

Sharing information with unbelievable speed and easy.

Applications of different file types – audios, videos, docs, and many others.

Strong connections between the various devices and platform.

Backup of phone pictures on your PC.

File copy and management

It uses up very fewer battery power.

Works with devices with inter-platform connectivity

Very less weight and accessible to users.

Download Instruction:

  • You can download Shareit for Windows 7 on our website.
  • This is a clean, quick, and free operation that will become the first step towards easy file sharing.
  • You will need to click it and wait for the installation file to save on your PC when you find a link there.
  • Once you’re sure that the free download is completed done and have found the folder it was saved to (the most common locations are the C Drive and the folder for new programs), you should run .exe setup
  • A tool that will install Share it for pc quickly and painlessly.
  • All over the installation method, you will only need to make a less small decision, but after the program is installed, you will also need to customize personal settings and connect to the devices you need.


Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download ISO [32-64] Bit

Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download ISO [32-64] Bit

Windows 7 Professional download is an operating system developed as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. The OS was developed at a time of public outcry over the inefficiencies of its predecessor, Windows Vista.

Notably, Windows 7 is nothing like Windows Vista. Foremost, Windows 7 does not require a new PC because there are hardware requirements.  Windows 7 also prides of sturdy design and good display that includes, large taskbar icons that make it easy to select apps.

Further,  when you need to keep check of your news feed you will no longer need to minimize the countless windows on the desktop. When you click the news feed icon, all open windows appear transparent.

Another feature that has been enhanced in Windows 7 professional 64 bit is Windows Media player.  Noteworthy, windows media player is now enabled for iTunes AAC format.

Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download ISO [32-64] Bit

Windows 7 Professional Download 32 / 64 Bit

The OS also eliminates the popular display of system messages on the desktop that characterized Windows Vista. Instead, system messages are shown on the Action Centre so you may check them when you wish.

Microsoft Windows 7 has also introduced a feature that allows a user focus on one window despite having several windows open by shaking it on the desktop. Referred to as Aero- shake, just extract the window you want to focus on from the title bar and using the mouse, shake it on the desktop and all other windows will minimize.

The introduction of libraries by Windows 7 professional download notably makes it easier to extract work and organize. Moreover, with the stacking feature, it is now easy to work with documents side by side.  The stacking feature becomes more beneficial when doing research from multiple documents.

Furthermore, windows search brings a list of all results with the search term. Moreover, the search results are grouped into their corresponding categories. Noteworthy, such results are generated almost instantly.

Supported file types:

  • Video (mp4, mp3, MPEG-1, MPEG- 2, MPEG- 4, AVI, 3GPP, 3GPP2, AVCHD, WMV)
  • Audio (AMR, QCELP, MP3, m4a, AAC, PCM, WMA )
  • Photo files (jpg, jpeg, jpg, JFIF, BMP, RAW, TIFF, GIF)
  • RAW images (CRW, NEF, 3FR)

Main Features of Windows 7

  • Aero – Shake
  • Aero- Peek
  • Menu -responsive
  • Allows stacking of documents side by side
  • 32-bit and 64- bit version
  • 32- bit version supports up to 32 core processors
  • 64- bit version can support up to 256 processor cores
  • Multi-sensor support
  • Hand-link integration
  • Jump lists
  • Enables online streaming of media across Windows 7 computers
  • Instant change of color and background after downloading a theme
  • Enhanced Windows search
  • Free downloads for Windows Live Essentials
  • Applocker; to prevent installation of unauthorized apps

Operating systems:

Windows Vista

Installation requirements:

  • 1GHZ processor
  • 2GB RAM for 64-bit version or 1GB for the 32-bit one
  • 16GB available hard disc space for 32-bit version
  • 20GB free hard disc space for 64-bit version
  • Internet connection
  • DirectX 9 graphics device

How to install and use:

  • Enter the 25- digit windows product key
  • If purchased windows from an authorized dealer, find product key inside the package that the Windows DVD came with
  • Once key is verified, select preferred language
  • Follow the download link for either download for 34- bit or 64- bit version

Windows 7 Professional Full Version Free Download >>

Google Chrome Portable Latest Full Version For Windows

Google Chrome Portable Latest Version

Google Chrome Portable Latest Version For Windows

Google Chrome Portable for Windows XP, 7,8, 8.1. These days, we use the Internet more than ever before. People all over the world use their devices to enhance their work lives, organize their personal schedules with ease, socialize with people no matter of their location and much more. But no matter the reason, there is one thing that combines us all and that is browsing the Internet.

One might say that this is the most mundane use of the Internet and that it is something necessary and regular, but it all depends on the browser you are using. You can find hundreds of programs on the Internet – both paid and for free – that will let you access the World Wide Web quickly but it is important to note that not all of those are efficient enough, fast enough or good enough.

Why Chrome Portable?

But there is one browser that since its launch has been an all-time favorite for people all over the world and that is Google Chrome. I guess that this comes as no surprise, because the developers from Google Chrome Portable have always been the best in whatever field they get into, and there is no exception with their browser.

Google Chrome Portable Latest Version For Windows

Key Features Portable Google Chrome 

  • Since its launch about 10 years ago, Google Chrome has become the most used browser in the world just 4 years after its release.
  • The browser is constantly developed and enhanced and with every new version, various improvements and features are made.
  • It has an extremely simple interface that can be used by both more advanced users and novices.
  • The speed of the browser is the area with the most investments made, and that is true for both the loading time of pages and the launch of the browser itself.
  • Because of its simple UI, navigation through pages and searching happens with the speed of light, and this is probably why Google Chrome is the most used browser in the gaming fields.
  • The UI is very minimalistic as the developers have tried to exclude or trim down all unnecessary features as the toolbar space.
  • The Incognito Mode of the browser allows users to browse the Internet privately without leaving any trace of the pages visited.
  • Also, Google Chrome supports full customization of the core privacy preferences regarding browsing.
  • The browser has very high security. It will warn you if you try to open a site that has malicious activity in it, and it will also prevent malwares from being automatically installed on your device.
  • The ability of customization of the browsing experience is what makes Google Chrome unique in its kind. You can install various apps, themes or extensions from the Google Chrome Store.
  • Also, all Google tools can be accessed with a single login.
  • The program supports a standard installation.

portable Google Chrome by Google is a free web browser. With its simple design and advanced features, Chrome quickly becomes one of the very popular web browsers around the globe. Based on the open-source Chromium project. Google released Chrome in 2008 and introduces several versions a year, and each new version comes with a lot of new features. The Google Chrome browser uses a sandboxing-based approach to internet security. Each open website runs as its process, which avoids malicious code on one page from affecting others. The browser also maintains Web tests such as HTML5 and CSS.

Main Features & Advantages of Google Chrome portable

  • Speed: Because Google developed Chrome with keeping web applications in mind, doing with websites like Gmail and Facebook is enough fast and reliable.
  • Security: Chrome has a variety of tools to help keep you safe online. It is constantly updating, so you aren’t always protected from the latest malware and scam scams. For example, Stainless will show you a warning when you visit a page that is probably dangerous.
  • Translation: Any time you visit a site that’s in a foreign language, Chrome will automatically offer to change the page to your required language.
  • The very best extension support: Your extension connected to your Google accounts. So if you download and install a fresh version of Chrome on your devices, when you sign into your Google account in Chrome on another platform, Chrome will download and install those add-ons or updates itself.
  • Voice search: Whenever you go to in the Chrome browser, the search field has a microphone icon in it. Click it to search utilizing your words, if your computer comes with an enabled microphone. For most people, this is much faster than typing a search query.


  • Memory space use could be better: It’s not unusual for Chrome to use over a gigabyte of RAM, even when you have merely a few tabs open up that are more or less static.
  • Chrome does not tend to scale down its use on devices that contain limited amounts of RAM.

Installation Guide for Google Chrome free download

  • Using your current internet browser, navigate to
  • On the Google Chrome download page, you can find and select the Download now button.
  • A dialogue box will appear. Assessment the Google Chrome Conditions of Service, then click Accept and Install.
  • The Google Chrome Installer will appear automatically. The downloading and Installer wizard launching process varies depending on your current web browser and OS.
  • Step-by-step instructions will be in the internet browser window if you are not sure the way to turn.
  • The installation wizard will close when completed, and Google-chrome will available.

Supported OS:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

Author Note: Without a doubt, Portable Chrome is one of the best browsers you can find on the Internet. It combines fast loading with various extensions and useful features that will make even the most boring browsing into a fun experience.

Windows 7 Home Premium product Key 32-64bit [Free Keys]

Windows 7 Home Premium product Key

Windows 7 Home Premium product key iso Full version Free Download

Windows 7 Home Premium product key full version iso, and its varied Windows platforms are like that your muscle-bound, eternally-scowling, possibly glue-sniffing, surly neighbor downstairs who eternally plays acid rock with the volume perpetually cranked up so loud that you wonder if your brains might be conceivably dissolving and your organs calcifying. Eternally dominant, brutish yet clever, arrogantly condescending, yet continually excreting products we willingly kill each other to get ahold of. Microsoft is the ultimate example of a supreme survivor and a sublime predator.

Well, let’s do talk a little about its Windows 7 Home Premium product key. A successor of its earlier Windows Vista that was ruthlessly maligned, excoriated and pretty much crucified and buried by numerous critics, it is a much needed and radical improvement of its earlier inbred sibling. Thereby showing that the company might really -just- have a heart and a functioning ear after all, because it took the time and effort to identify the -countless- shortcomings of the truly terrible Vista and present us with a far better operating system that we don’t feel like tearing our hairs -roots and all- out when using.

Windows 7 Home Premium product key Screenshot

Windows 7 Home Premium product Key

Why Windows 7 Home Premium ISO full version?

Microsoft worked from the ground up in conceiving, designing and finally presenting the new system. So, while it may share some features with the Vista, it is Usain Bolt to the Vista’s Putin in a sack race! Additionally, it has some new features we particularly love like much improved system security and -gasps- Internet TV so you can call in sick and spend all day watching GOT! The new system additionally features increased functionality and usability, better performance across all parameters, while making computing more alluring and intuitive.

Unfortunately, due to its age and the introduction of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, it will no longer be mainstream supported as from 2015, and even extended support will end in early 2020.

Supported File Types:

Video Files:Wmv, asf, wm, gpp2, m2ts, m2t, 3gpp, mts, qt, avi, dvr-ms, wtv, mp4, avchd, mpeg-4,m4v, 3gp, 3g2, mpg, mpeg, mlv, mpe, mp2, mpv, mov, avi, m1v, mpeg-2,

Photo Files:tif, jpg, gif, bmp, dib, jpe, png, ico, wdp

Audio Files: aif, asf, a4a, mp3

Key Features of Windows 7 

  • Greatly redesigned and responsive taskbar that permits applications to be pinned to it
  • Home group file sharing
  • Enhanced support for multi-touch input
  • A new action center providing a grand overview of system security and maintenance
  • User Account Control now made much less intrusive and responsive
  • Much improved system boot performance
  • Drastically improved performance when running on multi-core processors
  • Much improved direct access and kernel
  • Improved multimedia features
  • Drastically redesigned and improved control panel sporting innovative new features
  • Customizable to a wide variety of users’ personal desires/requirements
  • Ability to watch and record Internet TV through the Windows media center
  • Redesigned and improved desktop navigation

Operating System:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium

Installation Requirements:

  • 64-bits (X64) processor
  • 2 GB of system ram
  • 16 GB of free disk space or 20 GB free disk space depending on the version of your system

How To Install And Use:

  • Download over the net or manually via DVD or USB flash drive
  • Follow the prompts
  • Click on “Install now.”
  • Provide required username and password
  • Activate by inputting your required personal product key
  • Configure to your taste
  • Voila!

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windows 7 download

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Windows 7 Home Premium Free product Key 


Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key 


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Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download Full Version

Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download Full Version

Microsoft Office 2013 full version Free Download

Microsoft Office 2013 free download full version is a productivity suite. As a successor of Microsoft 2010, the 2013 version features many enhancements. Some of the enhancements include extended file formats and a sleeker user interface.

Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download Full Version

Microsoft Office 2013 free download full version

The suite contains a variety of Office programs that include Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access 2013, publisher 2013, OneNote 2013 and Project 2013. As a cloud suite, the app allows users to work on their documents online through any browser.

Supported file types



Documents (HTML, DOC, MHT, XML, WPS, HTML, TXT…)

Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download Full Version

Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download Full Version

New Features in Microsoft 2013 Free Download Full Version

The Suite is designed with several new features when compared to its Office predecessors. One new feature is concerning PowerPoint. In this regard, users can now add photos to their presentations easily. Such photos may be retrieved from the user’s album or their online network sites.

In addition, users will realize that downloading and installing Microsoft 2013 is faster and easier. Notably, one need not worry about uninstalling the previous versions or the large space required. The suite is remarkably small. In addition, users can use the suite a few minutes after download.

More so, users of Word can now view and add videos and online images. These can be searched from one’s album or online.

Excel 2013, on the other hand now contains more easy to work with charts and spreadsheets. In this regard, the charts now contain more information. Including, formulas and table formats. Once information is created and the chart option selected, the chart takes in the changes immediately. Also, users can see the different chart changes automatically when hovering among different information within the chart option.

Excel 2013 now contains a timeline slicer. The tool organizes the different information according to their date of creation. This makes it remarkably easy to find specific data and jump from one data to another.

PowerPoint 2013 too, has been greatly improved. To start with, the working templates have been enhanced to be fit for wide-screen projection.  Secondly, Users of PowerPoint 2013 now have wider options of images and videos to add to their presentations. More so, it is now easier to add corrections, frames, and effects.  Thirdly, PowerPoint 2013 makes it easy for more than one person to work on a presentation. This could be through the web app or the PowerPoint desktop version.


  • Allows use Customize the ribbon and select their preferred language
  • Offers three office themes to choose from. That is white, pale grey and dark grey.
  • Office Excel is built with contextual tool that allows easy editing and preview of charts
  • Easy scheduling of appointments with friends enabled by the pop-up preview of appointments and tasks
  • PowerPoint templates with multiple colour themes
  • Outlook 2013 touch option now contains five commands
  • Outlook 2013 adopts the windows 8 user interface


  • Does not support the Windows older versions including Windows XP
  • Has introduced a subscription pricing, known as Office 365 for users who wish to enjoy online storage of documents and automatic synchronizing of settings
  • The multi- touch functionality is only available with a touch- enabled device

Features of Microsoft Office 2013 Free download

  • Supports 32 bit and 64-bit versions
  • Available in multi languages
  • Compatible with desktop, tablets and mobile devices
  • Reader mode in Word 2013
  • Enables sharing of work online
  • Up to 7GB online storage space
  • Chart Advisor in the Office Excel
  • Five outlook frequent commands: reply, delete, flag, mark as unread and move to folder
  • Handy command when writing an email
  • Offers the ‘All ‘and ‘unread’ buttons in Outlook
  • Quick formatting tools in Excel 2013 and PowerPoint 2013
  • Thumbnail view for images from the social media

Operating systems

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1

Minimum system requirements

  • 1GHZ processor
  • 1GB Ram for 32-bit processor
  • 2GB ram for 64- bit processor
  • 3GB available hard disc space

How to download and install

  • If user has installation key, click on Microsoft download page
  • Enter your product key when prompted
  • Proceed to download
  • If user already registered their copy of office 2013
  • Click on office.
  • Click on install Office
  • Key log in details
  • Initiate download

ReLoader Activator 3.0 For Windows 10

ReLoader Activator 3.0 For Windows

ReLoader Activator 3.0 windows and office 2017 Latest


ReLoader Activator 3.0 For Windows

Re-Loader Activator could be very enjoyable and efficient software. It’s miles an Activator used actually. System 2010, system 2013, workplace 2017 Beta –all variation of Microsoft home windows are of no cost. This software program is supportable for home windows consist of 32 and 64 bits.You can use this activator quickly. Microsoft home windows are easy to deal. It used internationally. This software has more than one thousand million customers.It is global and with some other high release of the reloader. It is an efficient activator used for all versions Microsoft Windows.It is also useful for system 2010 and Office 2013; it noted able that system 2015 Beta is totally free.

Reloader Activator has an effective way to activate your all Microsoft products. It is also efficient for your windows and offices. This reloader can even be used to trace off the home windows: i.e. Windows XP, that has been very tough to search for Windows XP Activator. It also has ability skill stage. You can use this Reloader activator final 2015 after downloading. It is useful for all windows and offices. You can easily sign in by using this software. Then you will be able to use Microsoft products, reloader, and some other activators. Besides this, there is no doubt that you can use what you can win. This device is great.It has moderate weight. It also pondered that it will allow you to use for all window and office.It is also suitable for sale every time. Let us realized while it forced for you.

ReLoader Activator 3.0 For Windows

Why reloader activator?

Reloader activator is a stunning and fabulous offline activator used to activate Windows and Microsoft Office programs alike. The latest version of reloader activator Latest version has embedded for activating many editions of both office and windows programs. There are many other activators available in the market but it is the authentic and working activator available on this platform. If you are a new user, then don’t worry because it’s easy and user-friendly user interface allows you to activate all the editions of Windows with ease. Recently Microsoft has launched Windows 10 that has advanced features so that it has the ability fully to activate your Windows 10 and all its editions alike. You have also heard about the launching of Microsoft Office 2016 latest version. Now users are curious to find that activator that can activate both Windows and MS Office program with their advanced tools. If you are one of them, then you find out the excellent and genuine working activator here.

Reloader activator is a leading software that can activate your Operating system no doubt it is Win XP or Win 8, Win 8.1 and Windows 10 alike. After getting this or downloading and installing this software program into your computer or laptop, you don’t need to download another activator software further.

Feature Of Reloader Activator

  • It has speeded option with editions workplace system.
  • It has progressed installation with observance logo.
  • It has introduced to get free of watermark customary.
  • It not only can deliver subject matter but also remove Watermark.
  • It has brought capacity to pick out the SLIC.
  • It can certificate the product key by which it set off windows 7.
  • It has a delivery potential to create and to sell of activation in GUI.