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Mailbird Pro Cracked

Mailbird Pro cracked is a simple utility app that lets users handle their email tasks such as viewing, replying and creating new messages. The app is targeted at people who would like to find a helpful alternative in dealing with their repetitive email tasks.


In Mailbird Pro, users have an option to operate the various functions and features by using the intuitive toolbar or by an easy keyboard command shortcut. In mobile devices and touch-enabled computers, there are touch gestures available to launch options and tasks. A quick reply can also be used to send a pre-made message to the sender. This can be accessed through a nifty pane in the new message window or in the current window.

Mailbird Pro Cracked

Mailbird Pro Cracked

Emails for Later

If an email cannot be answered or addressed at the current time, it can be postponed for later. Users are free to choose until when they want their items to be postponed. It can be set to a later time in the present day, tomorrow, next week, etc. If you want a specific date by which you would want to deal with the message, you can set it manually.

If the Mailbird app is running and a designated postponement expires, the message will appear again at the top of the inbox folder. If you would want to view your postponed messages before they expire, just go into the “Snoozed” Folder available through IMAP.

Message Folders

Messages received and created in Mailbird are conveniently managed in the Archive system. When the app is installed and launched, it automatically generates default message folders such as the inbox, sent mail, drafts and archives. Users are also free to create and access their own custom folders in their respective IMAP account.

Folder Management

Folders aside from archives behave like labels usually do. Folders can be assigned their corresponding colors for identification purposes. Folders can also be copied easily for management and moving.

Account Services

Users are free to set up their Mailbird accounts with any mail storage service available. Among the supported services are iCloud Mail, Gmail, AOL and Outlook. The app will work out the best method to log in to them.

Account and Identities

You can connect as many email addresses to your Mailbird account as you want. The app lets you establish and create the corresponding identities. You are also given the option between selecting the server you would like to send messages from. This could be either from the SMTP server of the main account or a custom server to the address. The latter is recommended to avoid some message delivery issues.

Data Protection

Mailbird fully protects your valuable messages and email data by encrypting it securely. You can be sure that the email activities between you and the server are sufficiently protected. All messages are collected from the various inboxes connected to the account in a merged folder for inbox. Same goes for the other folders like Sent items and Drafts.


Aside from the IMAP, the app also allows the users to set up their accounts through POP. POP is a simpler method wherein messages newly received are downloaded onto the PC only. Folder management is also done within the computer also.

Digital Signatures

Every address connected to Mailbox for sending has their respective signatures. It can also be set up so that all addresses have only one signature. The app also supports custom signatures with its editing tools for rich-text formats and also for HTML.

Create Messages

The default message composer in the app has the rich-text editing tools except for editing HTML sources. Users are free to reply, edit, insert and adjust text lines and contents in the email.

Quick Pros

• Postponing messages is a big plus
• Multiple addresses can be connected to a single Mailbird account
• Respective identities are managed for each address
• Repetitive email tasks are a breeze to use

Quick Cons

• Important emails are not labeled automatically
• Filters are yet to be seen in messages
• Frequently used messages and replies are not available
• Less options for search tasks

Mailbird Pro license key


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Mailbird Pro cracked is a convenient way to centralize various email addresses for easy management and supervision. Messages are archived into merged folders from the different respective folders for each address. Simple email handling tools are also available, making the app a considerable companion in work and school settings.


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