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Feeling the creational vibe, or perhaps you need to complete an assignment? Well, start reading because I have just the tool for you. No, I am not trying to convince you, but by the end of this article you will find out for yourself what I am talking about.

I want to talk to you about FastStone Capture 8.5 Crack. This software has proven to be just what everybody was waiting for. The developers may have kept it clean and the interface is not a “screamer” but that is its beauty. It actually is a beast under the hood and you won’t find yourself looking for other tools because it brings it all. It comes with a lifetime license and a guarantee that no ads and no spyware are attached.

FastStone Capture 8.5 Crack

    Let’s get technical…

It’s all about the numbers. “You’ve got to pump those numbers. Those are rooky numbers”. So just what are we dealing with here? Well let me show you:

  • The basic screen capture tool and a screen video recorder
  • Capture the menu objects, full screen, windows, freehand or fixed regions
  • Record onscreen changes, speech from microphone, mouse movements, and clicks
  • Send the recordings to Word, PowerPoint, or even a website
  • Create annotations, resize, crop, watermarks, and apply edge effects
  • Image scanning, filename generation, screen magnifier and ruler

The features just keep on coming

The tool is created with the sole purpose of helping you and making it easy to create the content as fast as possible. Keeping this in mind we can now look at the other functions it features. Here they are:

  • A compact Capture Panel that is used to capture tools and also acts as an output option panel
  • Hotkeys that are used to activate the capture of the screen
  • Capture multiple windows and objects that may be featured as well as multi-level menus
  • Effects as drop-shadow, frame, torn-edge and fade-edge
  • Resize the image and crop, rotate, sharpen or brighten it
  • It supports external editors
  • Save to virtually every known format – PDF, TIFF, TGA, PNG, JPEG, BPM and others
  • Multiple monitor support and customization
  • Support for touch gestures – Tap, Swipe, Pinch

    A brief history lesson

Since the beginning of development back in 2006 with the 3.1 version the developers have struggled to keep the tool ahead of the competition. This can be seen as the software now features a great many add-ons and assets that make it the perfect choice. The 8.4 release has also seen some improvements and based on them it can now keep its top place among other capturing software:

  • Support for high-DPI/high-resolution/4K monitors
  • The Screen Focus lets you keep track of movements by dimming the screen and moving the cursor of the mouse into the center of your workflow
  • Customization for the lighting has been added to the Colors menu
  • Hotkeys for Screen Color Picker that will help with enlarged images and RGB, Dec and Hex values
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

FastStone Capture 8.5 Crack

The conclusion

As stated before the complexity of this tool is its strong point, you can engage in pretty much any activity with the certainty that FastStone Capture 8.5 will help you pull it off. The interface is slick and not too flashy as its focus is on getting the job done. This proves to be very ergonomic and the consumption of resources is as low as it gets. The software features a low footprint as resources are concerned.

There are no tasks too big and it can manage everything you throw at it. It does come with a price, you will have to pay 19.95 $ but in return, you will get a lifetime license that you can use. There are no other hidden costs and you will also be able to stay up to date as patches are regularly released.

If you ever feel to overwhelmed the tool also offers a tutorial so that you are able to learn and adjust the way you work. This can prove to be very advantageous as it saves you time eliminating the need to go online and search for lessons and tutorials. Creating and managing capture content has been taken to another level and now you can also engage it using the FastStone Capture 8.5.

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